Overview of Traditional & Complementary Medicines and Its Regulatory Challenges

What you’ll learn
  • What is traditional & complementary medicine?
  • Why is traditional & complementary medicine important in the modern day?
  • Is traditional & complementary medicine regulated?
  • Main difficulties and challenges of regulated traditional & complementary medicine.
  • Anyone who interest to learn about traditional & complementary medicines can join this course
Traditional & complementary medicines have been widely and increasingly used in both developed and developing countries, however it is not highly regulated and gaps exist between healthcare providers and National & Institutional efforts for integration.
This course serves as an introduction to traditional & complementary medicines and its regulatory challenges designed for those who are interested to learn more about this industry. We highly recommend this course to team members in commercial, R&D, Quality and Supply Chain as fundamental regulatory knowledge could help their work.
Who this course is for
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About the trainers/speakers
  • Jacob Cheong, MSc. Pharm. Sc & Tech
Approximate course length
  • 35 minutes
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