Setting up Stop-Loss for your trade

You will need a stop-loss that is sensitive to the current market volatility rather than a fixed stop-loss for all condition.
There are a few different tests you can do, which is 1ATR(7), 1.5ATR(7) and 2.0ATR(7). After completing 100 tests for each currency pair and each timeframe I’m trading I’ve found that 1ATR(7) serves the best outcome.
The signal candle for harmonic patterns will be the Terminal Bar(T-Bar) that touches the furthest line of the PRZ, I’ll measure that only when that candle is close.
Addition to ATR(7), I will include the spread of the currency pair and 1-pip buffer for my Stop Loss.

Target taking for both buy and selling trade, I will take profit 1pip earlier, for selling trade I will take profit before the spread of that pair. Psychologically you may see that profit-taking for shorting trade will result in a lesser profit than buying, but it’s the same