Crisis Management – Product Recall

What you’ll learn
  • Importance and tips of Crisis management using Product Recall as an example
  • Cover the 3 phases of Crisis management (Prevention, Crisis containment and Image improvement)
  • Language Translation best practices for your global Crisis management communications
  • Invite interested participants to join Crisis Management Alliance Chapter to develop a “Recall Guidance & Good Practices” document
  • No prior knowledge of medical device regulations or product recalls are necessary
Medtech is a highly regulated sector, and many activities are governed by related regulations. Majority of companies do not have a dedicated team to take control in the event of any crisis. Crisis matters are mainly handled by ad-hoc teams, and they need to adhere to very short response timeframes. The Asia Regulatory Professionals Association is collaborating with communications expert Wisse Kommunikatie (Worldcom PR Group) and language translation expert (MediqTrans) to establish a Crisis Management Alliance to share good practices in this critical area.
Who this course is for
  • Medtech executive management (CEOs, CFOs, CMOs)
  • Regulatory professionals
  • Quality professionals
  • Supply chain professionals
  • Communications-related professionals
About the trainers/speakers
  • Serge Beckers – Managing partner at Wisse Kommunikatie,¬†Chair of the Worldcom Healthcare Practice Group
  • Kelvin Chan – General Manager and founder of MediqTrans, a boutique Life Sciences & Medical language services agency
  • Jack Wong – Founder of Asia Regulatory Professional Association, Author of Handbook of Medical Device Regulatory Affairs in Asia
Approximate course length
  • 1 hour
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